CARHA Hockey’s Statement on COVID-19 – CARHA Hockey World Cup
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CARHA Hockey’s Statement on COVID-19

Please click here to read CARHA Hockey’s official statement on COVID-19 as it relates to the 2020 CARHA Hockey World Cup in Richmond, British Columbia.

23 Responses

  1. Considering that Hockey Canada has cancelled the Women’s World Championships should the CARHA World Cup still go ahead. We are dealing with 2500 participants plus thousands of spectators. I think the fact that you are also dealing with hundreds of senior citizens makes it in my opinion irresponsible that it is not being cancelled

    1. We’re actively monitoring the situation and following the advice and recommendations of health experts in BC. As of now, risk is low and the situation is under control.

      1. Nova Scotia has no known cases and the Women’s World Championships have been cancelled. How can you say it is under control in BC if they have the most cases in Canada. In this case it should be better safe than sorry

    2. I agree wholeheartedly!
      I am a spectator and in good health. My husband is the player and has underlying health concerns. I fear he will be reluctant to make a prudent individual decision because of that strong team player commitment. I am very disappointed that CARHA didn’t make a decision on Monday to postpone this tournament. This is recreational hockey!

  2. Now you belive is under control. You are only 2/3 weeks behind the rest of the world. The Ebel league is closed, MLB, NHL and NBA close the locker rooms. All the sport stop the events around the world and for you the situation is under control? The Carha have to be postponed.

  3. I tried to comment on this post earlier to express my concerns about going forward with the tournament, but my comment was blocked by the administrator. Are the player’s concerns intentionally being silenced?

    1. Tom – your comment was not blocked, it was simply going through the approval process that all comments on this website go through for spam purposes. We try to reserve approval of comments for office hours but obviously understand the extra concern right now. Trust us, we hear you. We are in constant conversation with the health officials at the Public Health Agency, and they believe the risk to be extremely low and the event to be safe to continue at this time. They are the experts.

  4. You can not cancel a tournament of this size last minute. 8 new cases in BC today. How many more will there be in 15 days?

  5. Every one should calm down, use common sense, listen to the experts and be extra cautious with personal hygiene. Cancelling the tournament is a huge decision and should only be done when it becomes obvious that it is unsafe as decided by the experts. I myself as a local participant am comfortable playing visiting teams, and I am sure out of country/ province teams will be screened at the airports.

  6. Exactly, wash your hands, take precautions, common sense, etc… 300 people die each day in North America from the regular flu and there’s nothing in the news about it… Over 1000 people die in Los Angeles alone each year from homelessness and it’s hardly news…. Relax people, go stock up on more toilet paper, and just relax… If people don’t feel safe then don’t come out. We will be participating because life goes on…

    1. Phil we talk about that 25 of march… in Europe is a problem and 85 teams come from Europe. Many flight company closing flight From North America / Canada to Europe. This team swim to Vancouver?

  7. We of the Italy team have been forced to cancel our participation in the carha, first with the flight canceled, then with the declaration of the red zone we can no longer go out. After all, you can’t risk leaving and getting stuck in Canada in quarantine. It is common sense to postpone it. I do not go into the immense organization behind it, but in my small way a one-year delay does not seem impossible.

  8. I think it would be to CARHA s advantage to call them off ,they don’t want to be the cause of an outbreak ,Im driving out from Ontario And am getting Pressure from the wife not to go .

  9. World Health Organization declares the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. Fake news?

  10. Common sense needs to take charge. Global pandemic alert. Cancellations of concerts, business exhibits / shows, pro sports teams reviewing attendance/ media interaction etc
    Is an amateur world tournament worth the potential risk ???? Just now NBA team announces game without fans .

  11. What’s the big deal? If health officials believe the risk is extremely low, then it’s probably extremely low despite what some laymen think. If the officials change their evaluation, I’m sure CARHA will listen to them.

    Sure concerts/exhibitions etc. are cancelled but obviously the risks in these types of events are way higher than in recreational sports. I mean if we start cancelling recreational hockey games then we pretty much have to cancel every kind of activity.

    Anyways, I hope to so see you all soon in Richmond!

  12. If you look at the previous tournament in Windsor there were 40000 spectators. It is not just about the 2500 participants. We have not had a global pandemic in our lifetime. This is just way too risky to go ahead.

  13. Thank you for cancelling this event, for being diligent and keeping the safety of our Canadians and those abroad in the forefront! Well done! Blessings to everyone, thanks again!

  14. Top shelf decision to postpone folks! It will be great to get together when it is safer in 2021. Thanks … we know it was a difficult decision but I support it and have been waiting 30 years to make this trip 🙂

  15. While we appreciate that this was a tough decision. More information should be given in reference to options. Article states that more information will follow in the coming weeks. For canadian participants most airlines are offering credits that need to be used by end of year. Therefore, new flights will need to be bought for next year. What if teams can not get a full compliment of players for next year? Will team fees be reimbursed? Current hotel fees, are they going to be fully reimbursed or can players access those rooms still. More information should be shared with participants as soon as possible.

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