Hockey Season is Almost Here! – CARHA Hockey World Cup
CARHA Hockey and the CARHA Hockey World Cup stand united with the people of Ukraine
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New Dates Announced: CARHA Hockey World Cup to Take Place March 19th to March 26th, 2023

Hockey Season is Almost Here!

We're nearing the end of July, and while that means the end of summer is approaching, it also means the hockey season is, too. The 2020-21 hockey season that culminates with the 2021 CARHA Hockey World Cup in Richmond, British Columbia.

Be sure to enjoy the rest of your summer with friends, family and teammates but get excited that hockey is back soon. Take your team's training and practice to the next level this season and it might just pay off with a title at the CARHA Hockey World Cup.

Nine months is all that is standing between you and the CARHA Hockey World Cup. Nine months to tighten up loose ends on your itinerary. Nine months to make sure your passport and travel VISA are all up to date. Nine months to sharpen up your game and your skates. And nine months to pack your bags. 

Are you booking extra ice-time so you can take down teams from around the world? How about breaking in some new equipment so you look fresh on the ice? A little extra team bonding to work on that chemistry for when you hit the ice?

Go the extra mile this hockey season. The CARHA Hockey World Cup will be here in no time.

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