Day 3 – Game Recaps

The week continued to roll on as we entered into the 3rd day of competition. Check out the game recaps below: 

Richmond Cowboys vs Perupumppu (Vancouver Sign Group 65+): 
After trailing 2-1 going into the third period, Richmond scored three times to defeat the Finnish team 4-2. #49 Markku Ratilainen scored twice to lead Perupumppu to the win. 
Wathla Warriors vs Brigade (Xbox 19+):
The Brigade continued their unbeaten streak this tournament by defeating the Wathla Warriors. Goaltender Jordan White stopped all shots as he recorded a shutout. 

Italia vs Hopoki (Pizza Pizza 40+): 
Both #77 Heikki Ovaska and #7 Harri Olenius scored 3 goals each to lead their team in a win team Italia.

Ukkometsot vs Val d’Or 50 (River Rock Casino Resort 50+): 
Ukkometsot jumped out to an early 2-0 lead in the first period recording both a powerplay goal and a shorthanded goal. The teams would continue to exchange goals in the second and third as Ukkometsot came away with the 5-2 victory. 

Old Foxes vs Oldtimers Val d’Or 55 (Cyclone Taylor Source for Sports 55+): 
#10 Mika Suojanen scored his first of two just over a minute into the first period and his squad never looked back as the Old Foxes defeated the Oldtimers 5-2. 

Goal Diggers vs Surrey Beavers (Xbox 19+): 
Beavers goalie Noah Turner was only beaten once as his teammate Keagan Hunter scored his teams first and last goals in the 5-1 win. 

Disepapat 55 vs Trojans (Cyclone Taylor Source for Sports 55+): 
Goaltender Brad Hogg made 22 out of 23 saves on Wednesday to lead the Trojans to a 6-1 win. The Trojans shared the wealth with 6 different goal scorers finding the back of the net. 

SOHA Team Sweden vs Lakers (Vancouver Sign Group 65+): 
Leading the way with 2 goals and 1 assist, #20 Jan Persson proved to play a pivotal role in securing the win for his squad, SOHA Team Sweden. 

SOHA 70+ vs Orient Express (Universal Coach Line 70+): 
A late goal by Orient Express #5 Bob Bradshaw tied the game at 4 goals a piece. It was an evenly played game by these 70+ players who left it all on the ice. 
Vasby Legends vs Langley Bears (River Rock Casino Resort 50+): 
Shooting in a victory, Vasby Legends’s, Andreas Paulsson broke the initial tie of 2-2 with two extra goals by the intermission. Their streak continued with Jonas Berg scoring 3 more for the team, Paulsson completing his hat trick and Rickard Malmgren adding another to end the game with a 9-2, in Legends favour.

Trangsund 55 vs The Mariners (Cyclone Taylor Source for Sports 55+): 
The Mariners’s Andrew Wolf opened the game strong by scoring their first goal and was later accompanied by teammate, Mike Sturgeon to double the Mariner’s lead. Trangsund 55’s Dan Mclean got his team on the board, but Wolf’s skills restored the two-goal lead resulting in a 4-2 win for The Mariners.  

Lordco Islanders vs Winroc Candiens (Pizza Pizza 40+): 
Winroc Canadiens in a fast-moving Wednesday morning game played to a 9-4 victory over Lordco Islanders.  Winroc’s #7 Sen Boone lead with a hat trick while teammate #33 Shane Cebuliak scored twice.  For the Islanders #14 Ron Barnes scored 2 goals.
Surrey Beavers 55 vs Orebro IK (Herbaland 55+): 
In the tight game between the Surrey Beavers 55 and Orebro IK, the Beavers’s #89 Brian Mcgillvary opened scoring with an unassisted goal. The Swedish team answerd just 22 seconds later with a goal by #13 Ake Jansson. It remained a close game until #4 Magnus Hallblom of Orebro IK scored the winning goal for his team with 55 seconds left. 

Cyclone Taylor Sports vs Northshore Huskies (Vancouver Sign Group 65+): 
In a dominating performance, Cyclone Taylor Sports beat the North Shore Huskies 7-0. Mark Taylor and Randy Davies led the game with two goals, with Davies adding three assists for a 5-point game. #1 Steve Wellburn got the shutout in the win. 

HT Cream vs BIK Karlskoga (Pizza Pizza 40+): 
Led by a three goal performance from BIK Karlskoga's #15 Daniel Olers and four assists by #9 Robert Frost, the Swedish team beat their Finnish rival by a 6-1 margin. Thomas Stalhammar made 23 saves for BIK Karlskoga, with #33 Jarno Hovinen scoring the lone goal for HT Cream.

Wynd Breakers vs Vancouver Flames (Universal Coach Line 70+): 
In the evenly matched game, Vancouver Flames pulled through with a 2-0 lead by Alan Saucier and Gary Little in the 1st and 2nd. While Jim Chase from Wynd Breakers put his team on the board, this game ended in the Flame’s searing persistence of victory.

HC Legion vs Quesnel Goldpanners (iPlayHockey 50+): 
Goldpanners  goalie #1 Garry Perry recorded a shutout game against HC legion.

Sudseekers vs Port Alberni Blues (Lulu Island Winery 55+): 
Calgary Sudseekers played a tight game against the Port Alberni Blues. With both goalies starting strong, Bill Chase of the Suds broke the goalless streak and later teammate, Gary Bourque’s insurance goal ended the game with a 2-0 Sudseeker’s victory. 

Fitchburg USA 50 vs Alta Tigers (iPlayHockey 50+): 
Ending the game with a 9-2 in the favour of Alta Tigers, Ola Sandon, Micheal Roos, Patrick Zidon, and Niklas Sjonell blew the game open in the 2nd. Steve Tempesta would net one for the Fitchburg but Ross would once again score in the 3rd period for the Tigers’s win.

Hammarby IF 60 vs Disepapat 60 (Stanley’s Grill 60+): 
Disepapat continued their winning ways as #2 Sami Hakala scoring a hat-trick to win their 3rd game of the week. 

SSM Hockey vs Richmond Cowboys (Herbaland 55+): 
Richmond Cowboys won their first game in the tournament against SSM Hockey. Amar Bath, Ken Seidel, Andrew Marchand, and Dave Harkness of Cowboys scored five strait. Even though Goran Gronberg would get one back for SSM, Richmond Cowboys would lead the game by 5-2 in the high-shooting affair.

Pitea VIP vs NSWC Angels (Gadar Promotions 40+): 
Pitea VIP jumped out with a 4-0 lead with goals by Johan Hylander, Daniel Johansson, Patrick Bergstorm, and Johan Vilberg. The Angels would get on the board by the end of 2nd on a goal by Jim Wilson and later, two more goals by Kelly Wright and Dave Port in the 3rd. Pitea VIP held on for their victory as the game ended in a tense 4-3

Muumiot vs Spare Parts Store (Lulu Island Winery 55+): 
John Shiu’s second period goal would prove to be the game-winning goal as his Spare Parts Store team defeated the Muumiot team 4-2.

Aussie Crocodiles vs The Simpsons (Vizzy 19+): 
The Simpsons scored twice in the first couple minutes of this one with goals by #4 Mark Sklazeski and #35 Karl Mielke as they won their Wednesday game over the Aussie Crocodiles. 

Tri City Dinos vs Ladner Fisherman (iPlayHockey 50+): 
The Ladner Fisherman carried the majority of the play versus the Tri City Dinos. John Cunningham wasted no time to nick a hat-trick for the Fisherman but Tim Dubois of the Dinos would break the shutout with under 2 minutes to go in the 3rd. 

HC Salem vs Slakhawks (Lulu Island Winery 55+): 
Askat Sadykulov and Randy Edwards of the HC Salemn got their team a 3-0 lead to start this one. Slkhawks’s Randy and Denis Martel would get their team on the board but Jim Irving scored an insurance goal for HC Salem in the 3rd to secure a 4-2 victory. 

Pitt Meadows Gamblers vs Bombers (Pizza Pizza 40+):
These teams would exchange goals in the first period until Pitt Meadows grabbed a lead in the 2nd. #18 Rob Yule would score twice in the final frame as the Gamblers beat the Bombers 5-2. 

Osteraker Mariners 40 vs Trangsund 45 (Gadar Promotions 40+): 
Trangsund 45 recorded their first win of the tournament on Wednesday defeating the Osteraker team by a score of 5-2. #16 Fredrik V’s 2nd period goal would proved to be enough for the Trangsund team.

Pitt Meadows Gamblers vs BLK Karlskoga (Pizza Pizza 40+):
These teams would exchange goals in the first period before Pitt Meadows grabbed a lead in the 2nd. #18 Rob Yule would score twice in the final frame as the Gamblers beat the Bombers 5-2. 

Predators vs Ka Camp Ladies (McArthurglen Designer Outlet Women): 
Both teams played to an even draw in the first period before the Ka Camp Ladies exploded for 3 goals in the second period, two of which came at the hands of #17 Annina Bircher. The Predators would break the shutout bid in the 3rd but would ultimately drop this one 3-1. 

Lindsay Pastimers vs Fitchburg USA 60 (Westcoast Sightseeing 60+): 
#21 Reg Gassien scored in the opening minute before his team added two more goals in the second period. Fitchburg would stage a late comeback but ultimately come up short in a Pastimers 4-1 win. 

Roadrunners vs Blacksheep (iPlayHockey 50+): 
Blacksheep tender #35 Bruce Campbell scripted a big shutout with his team adding 2 goals in the final period to win 2-0. 

Dangleberries vs Aussie Kangaroos (Vizzy 19+): 
Opening with a stellar performance, the Dangleberries scored a total of 6 goals in the 1st period. Aussie Kangaroos were not slacking as they picked it back up in the end, but ultimately, the Dangleberries finished the game 10-3.

Albion River Rats vs Global Oldtimers (Lawrie Insurance Group 70+): 
The River Rats held the Oldtimers off for the first period before the 70+ team broke through in the second period. #66 Jim St. Onge led the offensive charge scoring three goals and adding one assist. 

Burnaby Fire Dep’t vs Britvegas (Molson Canadian 25+): 
Britvegas scored an early powerplay goal thanks to a great shot from the slot by #24 Just Schwartz. The two teams battled back and forth in the final two periods before #16 Gunnar Wegleitner scored twice to give Britvegas a 3-0 win. 

Warriors vs Smooth Grooves (McArthurglen Desinger Outlet Women): 
#5 Sarah Bristow scored two goals in addition to recording two helpers to lead the Warriors to a win over the Smooth Grooves. 

Trangsund 60 vs Beer Buzzards (Westcoast Sightseeing 60+): 
#99 Dwayne Derksen scored 15 seconds into this one as the Trangsund 60 proved to be too much for the Beer Buzzards to handle. #7 Dennis Zaragoza was the lone goal scored for the Buzzards as they dropped this one 6-1. 

Whistler Winterhawks vs Rusty Cranks (Stanley’s Grill 60+): 
With an outstanding performance from Dave Brownlie  (2 goals, 3 assist), and Greg Dziedizic (3 goals), Whistler Winterhawks cruised to a victory over the Rusty Cranks. 

Nordic Trading House vs Aussie Magpies (Molson Ultra 35+): 
Nordic Trading House came ready to play today as they exploded in the first period scoring all their goals as they defeated the Aussie Magpies 8-1. 

Legends Pub vs Richmond HC (Vizzy 19+): 
Home team, Richmond HC, dominated all three periods and ending everything off with a 0-5. Noticeable performances of #93 Ashton Rai (1 goal and 2 assists) made a strong contribution to the team’s commanding victory.

Old Classics vs Schooners 70 (Lawrie Insurance Group 70+): 
The Schooners threw 25 shots on net, 6 of which went in while their goalie Sam Wishlow recorded the shutout to make this final 6-0. 

Mixed Bags of Fury vs Z Team (McArthurglen Designer Outlet Women): 
#7 Tina Merx would find the back of the net early in the first period which would be enough to defeat their Z Team counterparts. Goalie Nerissa Hall would go on to record the shutout performance. 

Fossils vs White Rock Knights (Herbaland 55+): 
The White Rock Knights maintained their perfect record as #27 Ritchie Drinoz scored a hat-trick to help push his team to a 7-2 win. 

St Moritz Selection vs Aussie Drop Bears (Molson Ultra 35+): 
#24 Fabio Tempini & #22 Adriano Costa both scored twice as the St Moritz Selection came out victorious in this one.

Richmond Cowboys vs Devs (Molson Canadian 25+): 
In a game that would need an overtime period to be decided, #17 Brandon Campos would find the back of the net to secure the perfect 3-0 record for the Devs.
Calgary Hornets vs Titans (Xbox 19+): 
Both teams combined for 13 goals in this offensive battle, however thanks in large part to Hornet #7 Mikael Jung (3G, 1A), the Hornets would defeat the Titans 8-5.