CARHA Hockey and the CARHA Hockey World Cup stand united with the people of Ukraine

First Presenting-Level Sponsor!

CARHA Hockey is very excited to announce the first Presenting-Level sponsor of the CARHA Hockey World Cup – Lulu Island Winery!
Lulu Island Winery is the largest winery in metro Vancouver. It produces many quality wines including red and white table wines, fruit wines, and Canada’s very own Icewines. All of Lulu Island Winery’s quality wines are produced on site, using only the best grapes from their vineyards in the Okanagan and the best berries from the Fraser Valley.
CARHA Hockey World Cup participants will have the opportunity to tour and explore Lulu Island Winery as part of daily wine tasting tours, experiencing their variety of products that are unique to the area. Exclusive CARHA Hockey World Cup branded wines are also going to be available in local Richmond liquor stores come November. “We are delighted to partner with the CARHA Hockey World Cup and look forward to welcoming all of its participants to our winery. As a part of our partnership, we also are excited to create a new, unique, limited edition label to commemorate this amazing international event coming to Richmond in March 2020!” says Leo Liu, Chief Operating Officer.
“We are happy to have this level of support from a celebrated local brand and are excited to work with Lulu Island Winery to bring special products and special experiences to participants of the CARHA Hockey World Cup. We can’t wait for our participants to experience everything that Lulu Island Winery has to offer!” says Lori Lopez, Executive Director of the CARHA Hockey World Cup.
Visit the Lulu Island Winery website now, and be ready to enjoy their wines at the CARHA Hockey World Cup!