CARHA Hockey and the CARHA Hockey World Cup stand united with the people of Ukraine
Mr. Taxi is a first time CARHA Hockey World Cup team from Finland, very excited to be participating in the event for the first time. We had the chance to ask Pauli Luode from the team a few questions. Check it out below!

Tell us about your team – What is your team name? How long have you been a team for?
Our team name is Mr. Taxi and our history is quite long, going back all the way to 1990. There are still a couple of guys playing that have played through all of these years. And lots of players that have played in the end of the 90’s as well, such as myself.

Have you played in the CARHA Hockey World Cup in the past? When?
We have never played in the CARHA Hockey World Cup before. We are super excited to come and see the homeland of hockey!

What interests you about the CARHA Hockey World Cup?
Of course travelling as a team and also seeing the great city of Vancouver. And of course we are not coming all the way to lose the games, we are there to win! But with a twist of good team spirit, nice cold beer and having the best time with the best guys!

What are you most looking forward to in Richmond in 2020?
Of course travelling to the other side of the world is a great thing itself, but I think the biggest thing is to see Canada’s enthusiasm for hockey. Finland and Canada are really much alike, in hockey and in general! We also hope to make new friends all over the world while we're there!

Top memories with your team. Win any championships? Funny stories to share?
I would say the best memories have not been the championships in our league (3), but the things we’ve done together. We have hosted five ice hockey tournaments in Spain, have raised a lot of money to charity with our outdoor game against our Spanish guys and had a blast with our team every time we see each other. We have a saying in our hockey team, Monday is always the worst day and the best day of the week. You have to wake up to work, but in the evening you will see the guys and listen to the best stories and have the best time in our practice!