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Peruspumppu is Getting Ready for The Cup 2022!

We caught up with Team Peruspumpuu from Finland to find out how they’re preparing for The Cup 2022. Check out their latest video to see their awesome pre-tournament training!

Peruspumppu is still on board with the CARHA Hockey World Cup in 2022 after postponement – what made this decision so easy for the team?
Our old-timers hockey team is very determined to participate on CARHA Hockey World Cup tournament in 2022. All our team members are retired, so we are flexible on timing of the tournament.   

Have you made your return to the ice yet, or are you planning on making your return soon?
Peruspumppu 'practices' twice a week early in the morning (7am to 8am) all year round except one summer month. 

How are you and your team planning to use the extra time to prepare for the CARHA Hockey World Cup, postponed to March of 2022?
We have organized some practice games against same aged teams in the Tampere area and in Helsinki.  We also organized a winter-classic game on the out-door rink in January, where we played against another local old-timers hockey team.

Has your team participated in a CARHA Hockey World Cup before? If so, what would you say to teams that may be on the fence about registering now that they’re able to make it in 2022?
Only few of our current teammates have participated in CARHA Hockey Word Cup in 2012 and 2016. The 2022 tournament will be the first and most exciting event after the pandemic and social distancing measures. This is the reason we think the CARHA Hockey World Cup in 2022 will be a very special tournament to attend!