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Q&A with Veli Kronqvist from Team Peruspumppu

Is this your first time visiting British Columbia? Your first time visiting Canada?
I visited Vancouver once in 1979 while I was working in Calgary as an exchange student. I also have lived in Sudbury and in Burlington, Ontario with my wife and children for 5 years between 1989 and 1994.

Will this be the first visit to Canada for many of your teammates?
Some of my teammates have visited Canada but only a few of them have been to British Columbia! It will be an exciting trip for our guys.

What activities do you and your teammates have planned during your time in Richmond, BC?
Our team would like to visit Whistler, the Host Mountain Resort of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games. We would like to visit Vancouver island as well as spend time in the Vancouver and Richmond areas. Of course, we must attend one NHL game at Rogers Arena! Some of our guys also love to go fishing, and would love to take a fishing tour.

What “Canadian Foods” (BeaverTails, Poutine, Canadian Bacon, Tim Hortons Coffee, etc.,) are you excited to try?
Yes we are excited to try all of them! Why not try some poutine and canadian bacon with a cold Molson beer on the side. I am also anxious to have some steak with some good red wine. Tim
Horton’s Coffee is another classic and has great breakfast options. Also, the local fish in the Richmond area is definitely worth trying!

Image of Peruspumppu practicing on the outdoor rinks in Finland, preparing for the 2022 CARHA Hockey World Cup. This group certainly didn’t let the Covid-19 restrictions stop them!