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Travel Tips

Prepare for your visit to beautiful Richmond, British Columbia!

CARHA Hockey wants you to have the best experience possible, so please read through the list and refer to the CARHA Hockey World Cup Coordinators for more recommendations if required.

  • Helpful arrival information for Vancouver International Airport (YVR) – Click Here.
  • Travel to and from Canada requires you to have a valid passport. A birth certificate and photo ID are not acceptable for air travel.
  • If you are travelling with someone under the age of 18 who is not your child or ward, you must have a letter from a parent or guardian granting him or her permission to travel to Canada.
  • Citizens of the United States, most European countries, most former British colonies, and certain other countries do not need visas but must carry passports to enter Canada.
  • You may be required to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).
  • Find out if you require a visa or an eTA, Click Here.
    • It is recommended to apply for your visa or eTA early, so you are not scrambling come the days leading up to travelling.
  • Richmond is nearby the United States border. Use the above link to find out if you require additional requirements besides a valid passport to cross the border if you plan on travelling to the US. 


Travel Insurance

  • Travel insurance is recommended while travelling to Canada.
  • Individual travellers are advised to obtain their own personal health, luggage or other travel insurance as desired. Click on the links below for options from our partner, Lawrie Insurance Group:

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  • When travelling, be sure to pack your prescription medications in their original bottle in your carry-on, as well as your toothbrush and a change of clothes in case your luggage arrives at a different time than you.
  • Most airlines will count your hockey bag and hockey sticks as one (hockey sticks must be checked as baggage). Confirm with your airline beforehand to ensure a smooth check-in.
    • Make sure you tape your sticks together or use a stick bag, so they do not get separated.
  • Outlets and voltage (110 volts) are the same as in the United States. Small appliances such as hair dryers, irons, razors, etc., can be used in Canada. For those from other countries, adapters are required for electrical appliances. The frequency of electrical current in Canada is 60 Hz.
  • We recommend you pack a raincoat and maybe even an umbrella.
  • The legal drinking age in British Columbia is 19 years old.
    • If you are asked to provide ID, you will need to show the following:
      • An official government-issued primary ID (including foreign government-issued) with name, picture and birth date;
      • A secondary ID that includes name and signature or picture, such as a credit card or student ID
    • An expired ID may be used as long as it proves your age. If a server has any doubt about an ID, they may refuse service.
      Digital IDs are not acceptable.
    • If you travel to the United States and plan to bring alcohol into the country, each adult (21+) can bring up to 1 Litre of alcohol across the border.
  • Cannabis products are legal for adults in Canada (19+).
    • Please note that cannabis products must be treated like alcohol, and in cases of tobacco use, you cannot:
      • Smoke, vape, or ingest cannabis products before or during operation of a motorized vehicle.
      • Smoke or vape cannabis in public areas used by children – same as smoking tobacco.
      • Possess more than 30 grams of cannabis in a public place.
      • Cannabis cannot be transported across the Canadian border.
    • For more information on British Columbia’s Cannabis regulations, Click Here.
  • It is recommended that all visitors use Canadian currency (the Canadian Dollar – CAD) when travelling within Canada. Exchange your money before your arrival. The Vancouver Airport has seven currency exchange locations and two self-serve ATMs. Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange is a quick 10-minute walk from the Athletes’ Village.
    • The Canadian Dollar is made up of 100 Canadian cents. Coins are in denominations of 5 cents (nickel), 10 cents (dime), 25 cents (quarter), $1 (loonie), and $2 (toonie).  Notes are in denominations $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and $1,000.
    • Note that Canada phased out use of the 1 cent (penny) coin in 2013. If you are paying cash, the total amount of your purchases will be rounded either up or down to the closest 5 cents. Credit card and debit card payments are not rounded
  • Most major credit cards are accepted, but visitors are always advised to check with the vendor before a purchase is made. The most commonly accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Richmond is in the Pacific Time Zone.
  • Richmond weather is between 8 degrees and 20 degrees Celsius in late March (50-60 degrees Fahrenheit). Richmond is known for lots of rain during this time. Be sure to pack a raincoat and maybe even an umbrella.
  • You can expect to spend a minimum of $60 a day on food, not including alcoholic beverages.
    • You can count on breakfast costing between $10-15, lunch costing between $20-25, and dinner costing $25+.
  • When dining out at restaurants, visitors should be advised that the standard tip for good service is between 15 and 20 percent. If you are dining in a group of eight or more people, it’s standard for a restaurant to automatically add a gratuity of 18 percent to your bill. Tipping for counter service is not expected.

Additional tips and resources can be found on the Tourism Richmond website.