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Your Hockey Vacation – Part 2

As we have mentioned in the past, the CARHA Hockey World Cup is so much more than just a hockey tournament. It is an opportunity to explore some of the greatest places in Canada with your friends, family, and teammates, all while making long-lasting memories. A few weeks ago, we explored Vancouver at sea level and up in the mountains with some amazing tours of Downtown Vancouver and the mystical Grouse Mountain. This week we’re taking you to the water with a few activities that are truly British Columbian through and through. Clear your schedules because we’re going fishing!

BC Salmon Fishing
Ocean salmon fishing in the Vancouver area is a 365 day a year activity that offers good to excellent salmon fishing opportunities for the novice to expert angler. Grab your teammates and hit up this tour for an awesome full day of battling salmon and great laughs. This tour offered by STS Guiding services takes you fishing around Vancouver Harbour, Bowen Island, Howe Sound, and Eastern Vancouver Island. There are peaks and valleys throughout the season, but Vancouver does offer some great fishing for Winter Chinook, Spring Chinook, Summer Coho, Sockeye & Chinook offering a world-class experience. STS Guidelines will supply you and your friends with a private guide and jet boat for each group, as well as all the fishing tackle, bait, and other gear needed to have a great day on the water. Fishing licences can be purchased online before your trip for a small fee. Do not miss out on this opportunity to take in the views of British Columbia from a great vantage point on the water! – Excerpts and pictures from www.guidebc.com

BC Sturgeon Fishing
Have you ever seen a dinosaur in real life? Didn’t think so… But this might be the closest you get! Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River offers anglers a world-class experience. If you’re unfamiliar with this fish, a Sturgeon is from a family of fish called Acipenseridae. The fossil history of these fish dates back up to 248 million years ago when dinosaurs walked the earth! At full grown, a sturgeon can range anywhere from 7 – 12 ft.  Most sturgeon have spent the better part of the winter hibernating in deep winter holes, so when the Eulichons arrive, fish are aggressive and ready to feed. STS Guideline’s team of professional sturgeon guides fish the Fraser River 12 months of the year for sturgeon. Just like the salmon fishing tour, STS will provide you with a guide, jet boat, bait, tackle, and all other equipment needed for a great day with your teammates. This tour is an authentic British Columbian experience that you will not want to miss out on! Excerpts and pictures from www.guidebc.com