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Molson Becomes Title Sponsor!

CARHA Hockey is thrilled and honoured to announce the Title Sponsor of the CARHA Hockey World Cup in Richmond, British Columbia - Molson™

Quite simply, there is no better fit for the Title Sponsor of the largest international adult recreational hockey tournament in the world than Molson  – a celebrated Canadian brand with a deep history and a longstanding commitment to recreational hockey, and hockey in general.

With the determination to make Canada an even better place, John Molson built a legacy of more than just great beer. Today, Molson carries that belief in everything they do, with their focus on community spirit and the feeling of connection with the people around you.

We look forward to participants having the opportunity to get a taste of Canada with Molson Canadian products available at the Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies, and all tournament-related events.

“The CARHA Hockey World Cup is a true celebration of all levels of hockey, bringing together players and fans from all corners of Canada and even spanning the globe,” says Joy Ghosh, Sr. Director of Marketing, Molson™. “This is what the sport is all about – CARHA represents one big community connected by a shared passion of the game. Molson Canadian proudly raises a pint to that mission through this partnership, and we’re eager to see this world-class tournament unfold.”

“Over the years, Molson Canadian has become synonymous with the sport of hockey in Canada, through their commitment to recreational hockey, and their strong affiliation with many teams in the National Hockey League. Molson Canadian is an extremely celebrated brand with history dating back all the way to 1786, and we believe they make for excellent representation of everything the tournament is about, as the Title Sponsor of the CARHA Hockey World Cup!” says Lori Lopez, Executive Director of the CARHA Hockey World Cup.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Molson CARHA Hockey World Cup!

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