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Q&A with Team Hopoki from Finland

Kalle Bäckman and his team, Hopoki, from Finland have participated in the 2012 World Cup in Sault St. Marie and the 2016 World Cup in Windsor. Kalle shares some of his favourite Cup memories.

Did you form any lasting friendships during your time participating in the CARHA Hockey World Cup?
Yes, on both trips we have formed friendships and are still keeping in touch.

What was your favourite CARHA Hockey World Cup moment?
Have to say that the +35 division final in 2012 was our greatest moment. Even the silver medal felt really good.

What advice would you give for players competing in the 2023 CARHA Hockey World Cup in Richmond, BC?
Just have fun. You will face great games, nice people and remember to take time to get to know your host city.

What was your favourite part about visiting the Host City?
It has been always nice to see new places and have some fun outside the rink. Usually there are lots of things to see, which you probably won't see ever again.

Did you try any “Canadian Foods” (BeaverTails, Poutine, Canadian Bacon, Tim Hortons coffee, etc.,) and if so, what are your thoughts?
We have tested them all... and like them a lot. For some reason the team seems to like Molson quite a bit.

Check out highlights here of the 2012 CARHA Hockey World Cup in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

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  1. Another Finnish team, the Mummies of Helsinki, will be making their 3rd trip to CARHA’s World Cup as well. I will have the privilege of skating with them because, as with Hopoki, we have become very good friends over the years. This event unites people with a passion for hockey in the most enjoyable way.

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