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The Cement Heads!

We had the opportunity to speak with Lorie Springall and Cheri Taylor of the Cement Heads, a CARHA Hockey World Cup women's team about their history and excitement for 2020.

Check it out below!

Tell us about your team - where are you from and when were you founded?
We are the Cement Heads, playing in the Women's Open Division at the 2020 CARHA Hockey World Cup. Our sponsor is Ontario Concrete, a hockey-crazed, family run, concrete business here in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Our team is made up of players from the local women's hockey league. Most of us play against each other during the year and we are looking forward to playing together as the Cement Heads in Richmond. We're a combination of wily old veterans and younger, faster versions of ourselves. Exhibition games against our league teams, the local College team and playing in tournaments are helping us to prepare for the main event. We can't wait to get there!

Have you competed in the CARHA Hockey World Cup in the past?
A handful of us have competed in the previous two CARHA Hockey World Cups, here in Sault Ste. Marie in 2012 (the first time CARHA hosted women's divisions) and again in Windsor, Ontario in 2016. The attendance in the Sault was out of this world.  The rink for both the recreational and open division finals was packed to capacity. The open final went to a shootout! In both Sault Ste. Marie and Windsor, there was a female referee from Quebec who was awesome!  Very professional on the ice and a blast off the ice.  She truly represents what women's hockey is all about.  We're hoping to see her again in Richmond.

What's your favourite part of the CARHA Hockey World Cup?
One of the great things about the CARHA Hockey World Cup is seeing so many teams from around the world gathered together to share in the biggest and best celebration of adult recreational hockey. It really is something to see and a very exciting event for players "like us".  Being shuttled in buses to and from the rinks and to many other off-ice events makes even the most amateur player "like us" feel like a pro. A world class event for sure.

What are you most looking forward to in Richmond in 2020?
We always look forward to seeing how many women's teams will be competing and where they're from. The first year for the women's division in 2012 was a huge success. Again in Windsor teams from Canada and the U.S. participated. This year in Richmond we hope to welcome the first women's team(s) from outside North America. Touring Richmond and area is also big on our to-do list. This is a great chance for us to explore a city we've never seen. Bring it!

What is it that makes hockey so special in this country?
Hockey and Canada. We love our hockey. For so many reasons. It's fun - even when it's not. It teaches us so many life lessons, so many life skills. The camaraderie of teammates, opponents, coaches, officials and fellow parents gives us a sense of "belonging". These people really do become a second family and as we get older, we watch out for each other away from the rink as well. Some friendships made will last a life time. Watching the World Juniors is a "Christmas thing to do". We're very passionate about our hockey. It bonds people together who would have otherwise never met. What's not to love about hockey? Oh, and besides - Canadians are kind of good at it.

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