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The Simpson’s Preparations After Postponement

We caught up with Karl from The Simpson's to discuss their easy decision to stick with us after the 2020 postponement, how they're using the extra time to prepare, and more!

The Simpson's were quickly on board with the CARHA Hockey World Cup after postponement – what made this decision so easy for the team?
The decision was very easy. We talked about it right after the tournament was postponed and the decision made to wait a year. The 2016 tournament was such a success for us, it was really a no-brainer. We’ve waited 4 years, what’s one more. Besides, it gives everyone time to save even more money for it. 

Have you made your return to the ice yet, or are you planning on making your return soon?
Yes. We returned to the ice in early July for a team practice/scrimmage. It felt great being able to stretch the legs and try to get the hockey lungs back. No injuries to report and thankfully no one got sick on the bench! Our summer season has started, and while it’s been a tough go playing trained 20 year-olds, we're still having fun even with a record of 1-5. 

How are you and the Simpson's planning to use the extra time to prepare for the CARHA Hockey World Cup?
We’re going to prepare the same way we did for the 2020 and 2016 tournament - eating wings and drinking beer! Seriously though, many of our guys had worked hard to get into better shape this time around. COVID-19 regressed that a little bit, so we’ll be getting back to it in the near future. 

As someone who has been to the CARHA Hockey World Cup before, what would you say to teams that may be on the fence about registering now that they’re able to make it?
Definitely do it. The 2016 CARHA Hockey World Cup was by far the best hockey experience for us. You get to meet so many people from all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you speak the same language or not, hockey talk is universal. Our best memories are hanging with the RAF and Finnish teams at the local pub. It’s an absolute blast. From 19 to 80+, you’ll have a great time. And British Columbia is absolutely stunning.