CARHA Hockey and the CARHA Hockey World Cup stand united with the people of Ukraine

Shoutout to Richmond!

CARHA Hockey wants to extend a shout-out to our partners and friends at Richmond Sport Hosting, Tourism Richmond, the City of Richmond, and the Richmond Hotel Destination Association for all of their help and hard work in making the postponement and transition of the CARHA Hockey World Cup as easy as can be.

With an event of this magnitude, you can only imagine all of the logistics and planning that goes into making it a success, and to have something derail all of the plans for 2020 just a month in advance of the event was difficult to say the least.

Our partners in Richmond have been so helpful, hospitable, and eager to make sure this event is just as successful at a later date, that it's served as even further reassurance of how great of an event this is going to be.

All of our fun and exciting plans are being transferred over for you all, and this just gives us even more time to prepare and perhaps execute on even more ideas from the past four years.

So thank you, Richmond. We know you're going to be an amazing host!

The Richmond edition of the CARHA Hockey World Cup is scheduled for March 19th to 26th, 2023.