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Vasby Legends!

We asked Arne Carlsson of Vasby Legends all about their team and how they came to be, and what parts of Richmond they're most looking forward to. Check it out, and look for them to compete at a very high level at the 2020 Molson Canadian CARHA Hockey World Cup!

Tell us about your team - what is your team name? How long have you been a team for?
Väsby Legends was founded in 2002 and originated in Upplands Väsby, a northern suburb of Stockholm. The area is known for two things – hometown of rock group Europe (with hit song “The Final Countdown”) and the local hockey club Väsby Hockey. After many years in semi-professional leagues, Väsby Hockey made it all the way to SHL in 1987. A heroic effort from mainly local talents that put Miracle on Ice in the shadow. Several players in the current Väsby Legends were active in the club as juniors at the time and many advanced to the professional league with Väsby Hockey as adults. Famous players with a history in Väsby Hockey are Patrik Hörnqvist, Oscar Dansk, Ulf Isaksson, Charles Berglund and Roger Melin.

Have you played in the CARHA Hockey World Cup in the past?
No, Väsby Legends have never attended the CARHA Hockey World Cup in the past. Actually, for most of the players it´s the first time playing on a small rink across the “pond”.

What interests you about the CARHA Hockey World Cup?
We´re all looking forward to travelling a long way as a team and to be able to compare our skills with teams from other parts of the world. The “hockey family” is a pleasant community to be in so we expect a positive and competitive atmosphere.

What are you most looking forward to in Richmond in 2020?
Everyone on the team shares the interest of having a good time on and off the ice and to enjoy local food, good drinks and the world famous Canadian hospitality on site. Some of the guys in the team have salmon fishing on the list of things to do, while some look more forward to the local night life.

Top memories with your team. Win any championships? Funny stories to share?
Wow, there are several funny stories and we´ll be happy to share some of them over a beer. Top team memory, when it comes to achievements on the ice, would be our gold medal in the “Old Boys Swedish National Championships” in 2010. It´s the only time we've taken part in the National Championships so we have a good record there!

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