CARHA Hockey and the CARHA Hockey World Cup stand united with the people of Ukraine

Make Friends From Other Countries!

The Molson Canadian CARHA Hockey World Cup is an opportunity to make new friends from all over the world.

Players and participants of the CARHA Hockey World Cup are from different cities and countries, and have different cultures and customs, different stories and experiences, and different perspectives.

While it is fun and great to spend your time at the tournament with your team, you can do that while also growing close with another team from another part of the world. Just look at how the Simpsons from Canada grew so close with the Royal Air Force Aces of the United Kingdom in 2016!

Let one of your tournament games extend past the rink and to the bar or restaurant. After competing against a team from another country, sit down and share stories with them, and just watch how easy it is for people to be united through the game of hockey.

You'll learn a lot about the different traditions of different people from a part of the world you probably haven't had the chance to see for yourself, and it'll make your Molson Canadian CARHA Hockey World Cup experience that much more memorable.

You'll then be able to catch up with your new friends wherever the next tournament may be, or even find your way to their country in the next few years for some hockey and good times!